Renewable energy

Our point of view

We are sure that in the nearest future the role of alternative sources of energy in the human energy consumption will increase greatly.

Our portfolio

We’ve also contributed on the deployment and support of wind and solar power. Our first wind turbine Micon type M1500 600/150 began operating in January 2014. For the first two weeks it produced 30 000 Kw/h, next month — 33 000 Kw/h. The power of wind turbine inspired us to create a Wind park. On February 2015 we installed the second wind turbine with the power of 600 KW. Our total wind park capacity now is 1,2 MW. We are not going to stop the development of wind power technologies and plan to increase the capacity of Wind park.

Solar energy is also an effective source of energy. In 2014 our Solar park counted 524 solar panels with total capacity 145 KW. In 2015 we increased Solar park to 400 solar panels with the total power of 120 KW. Total number of panels of United Company Solar park is 924 panels with the power capacity 265 KW, it’s total area is 1848square meter which is equal to the size of a standard hockey field.

We are planning to continue the development of Solar and Wind parks, showing positive example of using natural resources as well as still not occupied areas.

Impact on environment

Main advantage of wind and solar technologies is of course reducing pollution of atmosphere. 1MW/h of wind energy reduces harmful emissions of CO2 per 330 kg and emissions of SO2 per 16.5 in a year.

In 2014 our park produced 548 MW/h of alternative energy, total economy of fuel has reached 93160 tons, harmful emissions into atmosphere were reduced on 188,8 tons, SO2 on 944kg.


United Company ltd is planning to increase it’s park of alternative energy. We are searching for partners in this sphere and always glad to cooperate.