Salad Drive

What is Salad Drive?

It is a network of cafes conveniently located at UC fuel filling stations. Our cafes are always on your way, they are appropriate for meetings and communication. Today you can visit cafes of Salad Drive format at Pobeditelei Av., 102 and Logoisky Tract, 46, Dzerzhinskogo Av., 132.

We have just started to work in this direction and are doing this with pleasure and great interest. We are a young and creative team of bartenders and cooks, pastry-chefs, merchandisers which tries to do its best to satisfy your appetite with various delicacies.

We love to cook and surprise you!

Yummy things to try!

You can always start your morning with aromatic coffee and fresh pastry, and in case you prefer full breakfast there is an option for you to order frittata or tortilla. If you stop by at dinner-time we will offer hot soup and our special pies, Italian lasagna or Greek salad.

Easy way to take away

Salad drive café offers you an opportunity to enjoy your favorite desserts at home. At our place you can take away not only a piece of fancy sweet stuff, patty cake, doughnut, but also a whole cake. We will pack your order in handy special boxes and you will be able to treat yourself in the cozy home setting. Summer terrace is open from March till October and during this period we serve the most delicious pizza in town. Actualy the terrace is favorite place for hangouts at night time.