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Your personal cabinet was modernized!

We enable you to receive real time reports for the whole period of agreement lasting. Detailed data analysis of fuel usage was speeded. Please, get to know the specialist in calculation center +375(17) 388-45-58, +375(44) 777-64-97, +375(29) 777-10-05 and after that click on:

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Dear customers!

In order to get berlio fuel cards on the agreement with "United Company"ltd as a provider, you need to contact our office st. Kolcevaya, 5d/2, Minsk region, MKAD, a/t Zhdanovichi, introduce all necessary documents to register online wallet. Berlio card is used to fuel, to purchase goods or to get services in our chain of petrol stations or petrol stations of other companies.

Advantages of berlio card system:

  • wide network of stations which accept berlio,
  • control of fuel consumption,
  • guaranteed control of extra money expenses,
  • opportunity to choose the card category (diesel, gasoline or universal card),
  • personal PINs access,
  • getting reports online,
  • control of fuel expenses online,
  • cards are accepted at all UC petrol stations.

We are oriented on individual interests of our customers and try to find convenient forms of partnership and work.

Detailed information is available in calculation center «United Company» ltd:

Tel.: +375(17) 388-45-58,
        +375(44) 777-64-97,
        +375(29) 777-10-05.

Hours of work:

Monday-Friday: 9:00-17:00
Break time: 13:00-14:00